Success is Measured Two-Fold

A good marketing communications strategy will yield results. A great marketing communications strategy will yield success.

We’ve received a string of awards including being named one of America's most significant small agencies by Advertising Age, numerous Belding Awards (including the "Complete Campaign Award"), AAF, Clio, IBA and several publishers awards.

Awards are nice, but they mean little if a campaign hasn’t helped accomplish your marketing and sales goals. We measure our success in the success of our clients, and thus far, we’ve been very successful. Here are just a few examples of ways we’ve helped our clients increase their sales:


At $500 million dollars in annual sales, SSK is the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in Japan. When they decided to focus on marketing their baseball equipment in the U.S., they chose Hamilton. To increase brand awareness in the U.S., we conducted market research within the sporting goods industry and developed SSK’s first U.S. advertising campaigns, brochures and other promotional material. These efforts led SSK to become one of the leading brands in their category in the U.S.

Public Relations

Our clients have received publicity in such esteemed publications as The Los Angeles Times, Southern California Business Journal, Playboy, The San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Post.

Through our public relations efforts One Clothing, a major junior label, has received over a million dollars worth of publicity and P.R. in trade and consumer publications this year. Further, since becoming One Clothing’s agency, the company’s sales have increased from under a million dollars to over $100 million in less than five years. In 2000, they were listing as one of the fastest growing companies in Southern California by the Los Angeles Business Journal.


Through our promotional efforts, FrameStore, one of the largest custom framers in Southern California, has partnered with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to act as the museum’s primary framer for the major exhibition, Made in California. World class museums, playhouses and cultural institutions are lining up to partner with FrameStore. This promotional partnership has helped dramatically increase FrameStore’s sales by establishing the company as the only resource for “Museum Quality Framing.”